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  1. The youth element and nature of the activity
  2. The lodgers aged between 10-29 years of age
  3. Some information about the lodgers in Y Loft such as the role they play in the youth event and where they come from, local or overseas etc
  4. Any activities held at Youth Square

Would you accept Youth Square to conduct photo shooting in your function? Youth Square and New World Facilities Management Company Limited (NWFM) reserves the right to use your visual material(s) during my / our activities in Youth Square, including any images, event photos, text and poster for the purpose of promoting Youth Square and NWFM. This may include placing your visual material(s) in any media including but not limited to publications, websites, social media and promotional materials without receiving any remuneration or indemnity. Youth Square is operated and managed by NWFM, a non-profit making company embracing the mission of youth development and supporting youth to contribute to society.

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You can find out more about our policy of personal data protection by accessing Youth Square Privacy Policy Statement. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese version of this Statement, the English version shall prevail.
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