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We invite everyone who has an aspiration for art. Whether you are a young artist looking for a space to showcase and perform, or an onlooker simply exploring, come along.
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Facilities from a small piano room, exhibition area, workshop space to a fully equipped theatre with 643 seats are open for rental.
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Our hostel has 148 rooms. Young travellers from over 80 regions have stayed with us.

Easily accessible via public transport, Y Loft provides a comfy stay at an affordable price.
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We have retail space, offices and F&B outlets for lease.
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Latest arrangements for Youth Square services

In view of the latest situation of COVID-19, Multi-purpose Area and the meeting zone on the 5/F and 6/F in Youth Square will reopen on 15 June. Multi-purpose Area include Music Studio, Multi-Purpose Rooms, Dance Studio, Dance Room, D.I.Y. Studio, Piano Rooms, Interest Group Room, Creative Studio, 2/F Exhibition Area, 5/F Exhibition Area, Interest Group Art Work Display Area. The number of users will limit to about half of the original capacity. Please find more details below. Other venues for hire including Y Theatre, Y Studio and Y Platform will remain temporarily closed until further notice. 

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