Artist in Residence @Y Loft

Organized by Y Loft
Date & Time
  • 1 Jun - 31 Dec 2020
  • 12:00am - 11:45pm
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  • Youth Square, Y Loft
  • Free

Y Loft, Youth Square has been supporting and providing opportunities for young artists to inspire and let their creativity flow! Launched in June, “Artist in Residence @Y Loft” aims at providing short-term residency to local and overseas artists for free, offering a space for young artists to curate exhibition, exchange ideas and stimulate their inspirations, details are as follows:

Artist in Residence @Y Loft

We are looking for:

-      Young artists from local and overseas

-      Artists who are able to create artworks with the theme of sustainability and community, but not limited to one medium

-      Eager to communicate and willing to share their artwork with the public

Our Offerings:

-      Twin room (20 sq.m) will be provided for each artist for a period of stay (30-60 days) from June to December 2020. Longer stay and the choice of room type is on a request basis and subject to NWFM approval.

-      Working space for creating artworks

The artist needs to provide:

-      An initial proposal of an artwork that is able to demonstrate or display or provide an idea of curating workshop / exhibition in Youth Square or Y Loft.

Notice to artists:

-      Each resident artist can invite one person to stay together

-      The venue and time of the exhibition curated by the resident artists are determined by New World Facilities Management (NWFM)

-      Site visit in Youth Square and Y Loft can be arranged for artists prior to registration if needed

Artists who are interested in the programme can register by filling in the form below:

Terms & Conditions:

1.           NWFM Offerings:

-       Twin room (20 sq.m) for each resident artist for a period of stay (30-60 days) from June to December 2020. Longer stay and the choice of room type is on a request basis and subject to NWFM approval.

-        Allow each artist to invite one person to stay together

-        Workshop / exhibition space

-        The venue and time of exhibition curated by the resident artists are determined by NWFM

-        Site visit in Youth Square and Y Loft can be arranged for artists prior to registration if needed.

2.               Artist’s Responsibility

-      Artist will be responsible for the cost relating to the curation of artworks, personal living expenses and all insurances

-      The theme of the design concept needs to be confirmed by NWFM. Artist shall provide NWFM with the creative concept, content and format of artworks / installation pieces before the first day of residency to ensure it aligns with the theme of the programme

-      Artist is expected to complete the proposal and production in their residency period

-      The ownership of the artworks need to be transferred to NWFM, so that NWFM can have full autonomy at its sole discretion to determine the venue and time of displaying 

-      Share the interim and final production in the form of photos and videos

-      Guest room designated for this project shall not be sub-leased or transferred to other residents

-      Do not vary or modify the original setting inside the given room; the artist is required to maintain the tidiness of the room as well

-      NWFM is not liable for any acts of the artist during the residency period

-      Artist shall attend media function upon the request of NWFM



3.               Copyright


Copyright Permission

-      Artist grants to NWFM: (a) the right to display the Artwork in any venue or format that NWFM deem fit; (b) the irrevocable right to use images of the Artwork in materials about or relating to the display of the Artwork, and to allow others to do so, in all media, provided that such use by others shall not be included for commercial purposes.



-      Artist grants NWFM the ownership of the Artwork, and to use and distribute as NWFM sees fit.

Personality Rights

-      Artist grants NWFM the irrevocable right to use Artist’s name, photograph, likeness and biography for the communications and promotion of the Artwork and related exhibition.


4.               Artist’s Warranties and Representations

-      Artist represents and warrants that he or she: (a) is the sole creator of the Artwork; (b) is the owner and has full authority of the Artwork and all the rights under copyright in the Artwork and to grant the rights. Artist further represents and warrants that nothing in the Artwork defames any person or entity, infringes any copyright, or otherwise violates the right of any third party.

-      Artist shall indemnify NWFM fully and effectually against all suits, actions, proceedings, claims, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses in connection with or arising out of any breach of any of the warranties and representations herein. 


5.               Transfer, Care, Removal of Artwork During Artist’s Residency Period



-      Artist shall be responsible for the installation and removal of the Artwork to and from the display area.  Artist is required to share the proposal of installation and disposal relating to the project. It will be executed only upon approval with NWFM. And artist shall be responsible for the costs and expenses in relation thereto.

Care of Artwork

-      The Artist shall ensure Artwork condition is suitable and safe for display and will be responsible for minor touch up. NWFM shall only be required to use limited efforts to maintain the Artwork in the condition as it is in upon delivery to the display area, in accordance with Artist’s care instructions. NWFM has the right to remove the Artwork from the display area without Artist’s permission, in the sole and absolute discretion of NWFM for the purpose of protecting the Artwork or other property, or protecting the health and safety of NWFM personnel or public or for any other reasonable cause or reason. If the Artwork needs special care or protection, Artist shall inform NWFM in writing of the same and shall make his / her own arrangement and take necessary measures in relation to the same.


6.               Indemnification and Release

-      Artist agrees to compensate, defend and hold NWFM harmless from any claim, liability, loss, expenses of costs (including attorney's fees and the costs of defending any actions) arising out of any claim by any individual, institution, or other person claiming full or partial title or copyright to the Artwork or any damage or harm or injury caused by the Artwork.


7.               NWFM Discretion

-      Artist shall not install or remove the Artwork, or modify the Artwork’s display, except with the written permission and in compliance with any condition imposed by NWFM.